Jehovah Jireh Sons-Of-God Records is a non-profit Gospel Music Ministry, which reaches out locally and nationwide to individuals that’s looking for change in their lives. This Music Ministry not only reaches individuals through songs, but as well provide food, hygiene necessities and clothing donations for men, women and children in need.  Jehovah Jireh Records Sons-Of-God have been in good standing since 2005; holding street rallies, community events and social interactions in low-income areas.

Through this Ministry, lives have been touched by continual preaching and teaching of the Gospel. Individuals within and outside of the community, are living positive and better lives. Children have been restored to families, marriages have been healed and men and women are being more productive in society.

Jehovah Jireh Records Sons-Of-God believe in reaching lives through Jesus Christ. Many testimonies have gone forth demonstrating the power of repentance and prayer. Drug abusers, prostitutes and way-ward living individuals have overcome their downfalls of life. Therefore, these individuals are now employed, going back to school, owning their own homes and businesses.

We believe that as this Ministry continues to thrive, more people will have a chance of succeeding. Everyone deserves to be loved, nurtured and encouraged. Without these attributes; nothing will change.  So, it’s our goal to reach one or many individuals at a time. Demonstrating the extension of God’s grace and mercy. Our motto is, “looking past the faults of individuals, and seeing a need that must be fulfilled”.

For more information; please contact Pastor Ramsey Hatter @ (210) 452-0579 or Pastor Norasha Hatter @ (210) 255-9069

Thank you.


JJR/R&NH                                                                             JESUS IS LORD!


℗ 2021 Jehovah jireh records -sons of God

℗ 2021 Jehovah jireh records -sons of God